friendly game of whatever {a summer series}

did anything ever happen impromptu during the summers when you were growing up? 

my parents would get a call from a farmer friend that they could come and pick corn from his field. my sisters and i knew what we were doing the next evening on the front porch. shuckin' corn! i was a pro with the husk, but those silks got me all frustrated! we'd eat a good bit that summer, freeze some and give some away. 

sunday nights after church we'd get crazy and go get ice cream at the dairy queen or meet up at the city sports field for a game of softball! word always got around.


impromptu is not my style, but i want it to be. okay. maybe impromptu with a wee bit of preparedness! 

you've been rocking intentionality all summer! here are a few impromptus:

even if school is about to be back in session, we don't have to let loving where we live end! save these ideas for the weekends, labor day, or when kids get off the bus in your neighborhood. 

keep a kickball, frisbee, or whiffle ball set in the trunk of your car.

instead of hanging out in the backyard, hang out in the front yard. the keel family does this with their guitar and dog and have met many neighbors this way. 

make a sign for your neighborhood inviting people over on tuesday nights for a friendly game of whatever. 

use sidewalk chalk and invite the neighborhood kids over for tic-tac-toe and bottled waters.

in an apartment complex or have no stretch of ground to call your own? set up board games in the lobby.

you're not too old for this! let's be THAT family, THOSE neighbors, THAT girl, THAT guy who brings a bit of fun to the neighborhood. 

how impromptu are you?

and tell us your friendly game of whatever. we're dying to know!