who i'm learning from as a writer (and the rabbit trails i follow)

you can type anything in your search engine and enter into a big hole of knowledge and spend hours finding your way down deep and equal amount of hours to find your way back out.

these are in no particular order, as of spring 2018, and just scratch the surface for great content and leadership. 


here is who i'm learning from as a writer (and the rabbit trails i follow). i say rabbit trails because one great source leads to another, right? and i hope you'll list your resources below, including your blog link. we can all learn from one another. 

jeff goins at goinswriter.com is a blogger, author, and coach for all things blogging/writing. he leads webinars and courses that are very practical and current. he led me to...

tim grahl at booklaunch.com helps with understanding what kind of launch best fits you. 

michael hyatt is a household name in this generation for writers and leaders. his book PLATFORM helped me shape my vision and voice for my blog. on one of his podcasts, i found...

rachelle gardner. she's an agent and writing coach. she's direct and practical and offers paid services for coaching, yet has a wealth of resources on her blog. 

attending a writer's conference, i found jerry jenkin's book on writing, WRITING FOR THE SOUL: INSTRUCTION AND ADVICE FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY WRITING LIFE. i had only known him for the left behind series, but he offers us a rich well of insight into the craft. he writes, "get out of the way so that the heart of the message reaches the soul of the reader." 

you know how i feel about having a close group of writer friends, too...they introduced me to...

karen swallow prior, english professor at liberty university, author, and fun-to-follow-on-twitter. i'm reading her biography on hannah more and can't wait for her new book to release soon. 

who are you learning from? do tell! and where can we find your writings? 

if you have a writer friends who can benefit from this list of resources, click share and let them know. the past 2 posts have been all about writing. starting next week, i'm sharing about motherhood and then revealing where i'm taking you this summer! make sure you subscribe as my "neighbor!"