invite someone over. {a summer series}

someone different.

i've already pegged you as someone who enjoys hospitality, so having someone over seems like normalcy. 

but, who's someone you've thought about having over and pushed it to the back of your mind?

who's someone you know but has never come over to your home? 

who's someone you want to learn from?

what about someone who would love a home cooked meal?

is there a refugee family or someone new to town who could use a friend?

it still haunts me. i use it as a good thing, but for a while it caused guilt. i had a thought of inviting over our neighbor and celebrating his birthday in our patio space with other neighbors. i never did, though we were kind to him, and now, he is no longer around. he stays in my mind and is my motivation for acting upon these invitations.

while we can't host the world, we can entertain angels unaware. {Hebrews 13.2} 

but i know. i know your space is small. your dishes mismatched. you're tired in the evenings. 

my space has four kids and little parking. cooking is not my thing. i like to be in my pjs by 7 pm. 

only one thing is necessary for this.

an invitation. 

one you extend to someone and one you receive yourself. an invitation for someone to come over and an invitation to be yourself. 

we're having a friend over who works very closely to the homeless community. we need to know what to do with our thoughts. how better to pray and what can we do as a family.

in our line of work, we care deeply for our faith community. this requires much of our time, as it should and as we love it! but we are being intentional this summer with hanging out with other pastors and their families in our city. 

tapas and charcuterie board 

the summer is the best time to put this into practice, whether you're new to a place or have had a busy calendar - 

best seasonal fruits and vegetables to showcase

host inside or outside

days are longer

kids can stay up later

because it's summer now and i don't want us to delay! 

i realize these moments might not be instagram-able

so tell us how this invitation affects you.