5.21.15 {an adoption update}



kavita's passport has been applied for!

so when are we traveling?


i know. but that's what we've got for now!

my family ordered t-shirts for the kids this week and i put all four of my children's names down! crazy moment.


ben added our daughter to our health insurance! crazy moment.

we've looked into hotels and flights in her country! more crazy moments.

i've folded pink panties and put hair bands in her suitcase! crazy.

asher has tried on her clothes. i know.


i’ve framed a few pictures we have of her and put them right where they belong. crazy.


family is going overboard with generosity and taking care of the boys in june.

we’re making steps we just couldn’t make for so long.

and it feels gloriously weird!


we’ve got flashcards to help us communicate.


and we've decided on a "scent" that we have washed her clothes in and will use as body wash for all of us so that we smell the same to her. this is a technique in adoption books that helps with her leaving the very familiar scent of her country and finding familiarity with this scent she will smell on her new clothes, on us, in our home, and on the boys.


we’ve got such a huge victory in obtaining custody of Kavita with court orders on may 4.

but it has been such a difficult emotion to accept this in my heart after having to be so cautious for so long.

that’s the amazement of a miracle...God doing the spectacular that takes your heart and mind time to grasp and possibly, never fully understand!

gloriously weird is the best way i can describe it. not real, but real. i mean, she’s ours. we are hers. paperwork declares such truth. but oh the feeling when i wrap my arms around her.

so here's what's happening:

we have our travel call with our agency next friday, may 29. we will learn about appointments we will have in country, what everything in country will cost, who will meet us where, and what documents we need to bring.

we are awaiting news from the orphanage director about the day we can come meet Kavita.

once we know our travel dates, we will book tickets.

ben will apply for his visa. {this is still a huge prayer! some of you haven't stopped praying for this matter for months. please continue. he needs a visa to go to india. we believe it will happen!}

as of this week, the boys are taken care of for the month of june. {thanks family!}


the americans pictured are the ones adopting the boy with hopefully the final court date in less than a month. they are touching kavita. the other two girls are being adopted by a couple from ohio and will possibly travel the same time we do! and the other 3 of the A7 will meet their parents a week from today!!!! thank you for praying for the A7!

3 phrases to pray:

visa granted

that ben will receive a visa when he applies and that there are no concerns during his travels.

favor to come

the passport officials, the orphanage personnel, and our agency is with whom we need favor. pray that the passport comes quickly and that all involved have peace about our travel.

hearts prepared

this can't be over-prayed! it's highly likely that kavita is not sure when we are coming and is not being prepared to leave. but God can do amazing work in her heart and mind and in her surroundings. pray for her heart as she leaves friends and caregivers. pray for her as she meets us. pray for elijah, sam and asher as they are eager to know their sister. pray God does something supernatural among the 6 of us as we meet each other soon.

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