today is 8.22.12.
as you journey with us to india and back, 
we want to share updates, stories, and prayer thoughts with you.

here's where we are as of 8.22.12 - 

needing to raise $36,000
we have $10,011 to date. 
God is good.

we have added a paypal button to the right 
to make giving to the adoption easier and convenient.
thank you for your sacrificial giving.
we love you.

this week we have received ben's birth certificate and shauna's birth certificate, notarized and apostilled from LA and TX.
we have receipt that the USCIS (Immigration) has received our needed documents. 
we have taken photos of our home and family needed for the dossier (collection of necessary official papers).

we are waiting for USCIS to give us a date and time for additional fingerprinting.
we are waiting for our marriage certificate.

we are also waiting to hear from authorities in india regarding our approval to adopt.

adoptive parents call this part the paper chase -
gathering multitudes of paper and paying to have them signed, notarized, and sealed.

we're also waiting.
 there's no monetary value on this.
we must trust the God of our lives and the God who watches over our little girl on the other side of the world.