8 wonderful years!

8 years ago today I married the one I had been looking for. I made a commmitment to Ben on this day in 2000 that I would love him, respect him, and serve him. I had seen great models of godly marriages, but nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand!

My life with Ben by my side is a spontaneous, romantic adventure! He is very creative on our date nights and birthday celebrations. He loves to treat me to a good meal. He's thoughtful in giving me a 'night to myself' often and thrives off planning fun trips for the family...even if it's to Andy's Custard and looking at Christmas lights.

He always puts my needs first, allowing me to stay home and take care of our boys. After a day at work, he immediately comes in ready to help by playing with the boys and never a night goes by when he's not loading the dishwasher, cleaning the table and floor, folding clothes that have been fluffing in the dryer all afternoon, and finally, getting the older two boys completely ready for bed.

Ben models Jesus in our home and in our marriage. He doesn't ask us to do anything that he wouldn't do himself. He leads a humble example of a loving and very involved father. He prays over our boys and holds me accountable in my walk with God.

I enjoy ministering together in our church and community. I love dreaming with him about what God might be up to in our lives. Because of him, I know more about a 'safety' and a 'touch back' and look forward to cheering he and the boys on in sports from the front row!

Ben, I love you and had no idea on our wedding day that my love for you could be this strong or that life with you could be this wonderful or that you would only get more handsome! I'm so in love with you! Happy Anniversary! Your bride