A fun Pilgreen family weekend

Elijah loves playing the Wii. We let him play a total of one hour a day. Asher loves it as well. We've discovered that we have to take the batteries out of his controller or he messes up Elijah's game! We enjoyed celebrating our special friend's 4th birthday! Elijah is running into a foam pit and Sam is holding onto the swing with all of his little might! Second Baptist was well represented at the MSU Lady Bears basketball game on Friday night. Lots of action, crowd participation, and great fellowship...not to mention the Bears won! Boomer the mascot did not make a friend in Asher. Sorry, Boomer. It's the large animated head! However, Asher was mesmerized by the jumbo tran above him at center court! Our (Ben and Shauna's) favorite part of the weekend was challenging the boys to eat everything on their plate so they could pick out a special treat at the concession stand. Sam, who LOVES snacks, was willing to forfeit his special treat if it meant eating his veggies. We have proof that he didn't want a snack. The happy ending is that he did eat his veggies and we even recorded him saying, "More green beans, please!"