A new and welcomed addition to the Pilgreen family!

Lee married Lindsey Alexander on November 22 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here's all the girls: Lindsey, Ben's sisters, Erin and Emily, and Shauna at rehearsal dinner.

Pilgreen extended family!

Ben performed the ceremony and Shauna was a bridesmaid. Elijah was proud to wear a tuxedo and stand on stage with the wedding party and his two cousins. Sam and Asher, along with two other cousins, were pulled down in a wagon and sat on the front pew!

Jonah and Elijah before the wedding

Asher was constantly putting his body prostrate on the floor at the reception and probably for several reasons. It was cold and he was tired! Cousin Joe was kind to bring him comfort by offering him a few licks of his lollipop! Thanks Joe! You're precious!