a valiant woman {celebrating women in may}

celebrating women doing their God-given thing

{for the month of may, i'm highlighting a few women who are gaining confidence in who God has created them to be and displaying it so through different means. for some, it was born out of cause. for others, it was there since birth. and some, it's the season of life they are in. and they are sharing their stories here this month! join me in celebrating them and that's not all...they want to celebrate you! a giveaway on each blogpost through the month of may! make sure you leave a comment the day or the day following the post, for that's what enters you in the drawing. winners will be announced on the following post} 

i can think of no one so valiant as my sponsored child's mom.

i invite you to celebrate her with me today.

she made the decision with the knowledge and little resources she had and fled.

she left behind saddam and his sister and ran, for her life depended on it.

their father wanted her dead. he could care less for the kids.

she knew the kids would be safer in their village rather than running the risk of not being able to care for them on the run.

it was in this time while mom was away that a neighbor noticed saddam and his sister alone in their concrete square.

the neighbor told a compassion international worker about the kids.


saddam and his sister were made available for sponsorship and not knowing the back story, our hearts gravitated towards this little boy's picture, the age of our oldest. all while oceans apart.

but it was while ben and i sat in her humble abode that she shared the rest of her story.


she got word that their father had died and it was safe to come home.

she returned and found that her kids were well taken care of while she was away.

they had their momma back. they were no longer orphaned.


we both know that saddam had to grow up much quicker while his momma was away and his dad neglectful. fear left their home when they learned that man had died. he was no longer a threat to the family.

both momma's hearts, hers and mine, are grateful that compassion stepped in to educate, provide, love, and nurture all in Jesus' Name.

but nothing can take the place of mom.


as she shared her story, her back was up against a stack of green bananas in the corner of the one room home.

her livelihood.

from sun up to sundown, just like all loving mommas, she does everything she can to provide for her children.

and saddam knows that at the age of ten. he told me so. and i could see it on his face when he looked at his momma.

it was a beautiful moment when i got to physically come alongside her and hand her some resources to make life better. that's what community looks like - coming alongside to support and care. whether down a red dirt rocky path or a paved street with a name.

she and i, we don't always have the answers.

at times, we feel like we make more mistakes than deemed normal in a day and we fight guilt on two different sides of the world.

we battle the same enemy who seeks to destroy our self-worth and batter our identity.



but as i sat beside her, on a day i will never forget, i was in the presence of a valiant woman.

a woman who would risk anything for the sake of her calling.

that's the valiant life i want to live - willing to risk anything for the sake of my calling.

she is my inspiration.


as we honor her today, let's take the risks necessary to fulfill our callings. 

 if you sponsor a child, leave a comment of the child's name and the country where they live. as you look at the comments, pray for the valiant women who care for them. be it a teacher, church worker, doctor, or neighbor.

i am overjoyed to send one of you a gift from saddam's mom - the most valiant woman i know.


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