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"In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds."

{Psalm 45.4}

may 4

the case for 2 girls that had a hearing with us on monday passed court!

may 5

the case for the sweet boy had a hearing on tuesday and the judge had everything she had requested from the family. however, she plans to get back to their case after the break. while we don't understand why the judge can't complete this case before the break that begins on may 16, we rejoice that after requesting paperwork, she's satisfied.

please continue to pray as this family has had to adjust their summer based on the judge's decision. they have another hearing on june 16th, the day court reopens after the month-long break.

may 4

we know we passed court on monday and are awaiting written orders to be uploaded so we can move forward with introducing our daughter to you and so that the orphanage director can apply for her passport.

now, with an honor that was given me, i want to introduce you to judah, abigail, and autumn, 3 more of the A7.


this sweet boy was at k's orphanage and went to live with his forever family in november. because the family lives in k's country, he is able to live with them as they finish up the adoption. we hope to meet this amazing family for the first time when we travel. and for k to be able to see judah again. wow, has he changed in the short time he's been with lavished with family love and care!


meet abigail and autumn fraley. their parents live in ohio and have two other children. these two girls are some of k's friends. they are sisters.

k is on the right in this picture and it was judah's parents who took this for us. {all so beautifully interwoven, right?}

this vision of A7 came to me one night in february as i tossed and turned in my sleep while in tahoe, awaiting another court date. i immediately shared this with these 3 other mommas as a way to unite us as we fought for our children in the same city in the same state in the same country, oceans apart from us. 4 in one orphanage and 3 in another just 10 miles away.

you all have been so amazing to not only attach yourself to k's adoption love story, but to rally around the other 6 children, 3 families and pray for their rescue as well. i hope these pictures speak loudly that God hears our prayers and delights in rescuing the fatherless.

only 1 of the A7 remains that has not been introduced yet!

though 6 of the 7 children's cases have passed court,  please pray for judah and his family that they pass court on june 16.


it's not over yet!