An EPIC moment

Dear friends (Greg and Andrea Phillips) from Louisiana held a dessert/coffee for us to share the vision of EPIC Church. It was a sweet and warm time as we reunited with friends and family. We made new friends and Ben shared his heart and call to start a church in San Francisco. Once again, I am amazed to hear the stories of how God has gotten us to this point and how others want to come alongside us in this vision. Lindsey Lee was there to share her story as well. Thank you, Phillips family, and the many who came to hear. We consider each prayer and financial support just as valuable as our call to this exciting adventure!

Our family got to meet the newest addition of the Pilgreen family, Eva Elizabeth Allen. We welcome her as the 8th grandchild born since 2002! We are excited to see her grow up and pray she becomes a precious woman of God!
It's been a treat to have the cousins together three months in a row! We've gotten spoiled. Though we said good-bye, not knowing when the cousins will reunite, we are blessed by such a wonderful and supportive family!

An added gift during our Louisiana weekend was the time I got to spend with Meagan. I had the privilege of mentoring Meagan in a small group while she was in high school. She's now about to finish up her time at LSU and her life amazes me at how reflective it is of Christ. Her sweet spirit and godly leadership are attractive. Staying up late talking and listening and catching up, I can only dream of how God is going to use her in this world to make a powerful difference. She certainly leaves a mark everywhere she has been thus far and that mark is in the name of Christ Jesus.

Though God has richly blessed me with three boys to raise, I am thankful for 'daughter moments' like this, when I get to curl up with a blanket and sit beside a girl and finish each other's sentences and spur one another on....God is so gracious to bless me with these gifts along the way. And as for Meagan, I have told her that I have a front row seat - watching her on the stage of life as she plays a major role in God's work here on earth!