Another year, another blessing!

Who says growing old is no fun? Sure, I'd love to have my waist size I had in high school and still be able to conquer the spin-around-make-you-dizzy roller coasters, but I wouldn't trade where I am in life for anything! I am richly blessed with a husband who adores me and with whom I am 'head over heels'! We have three mighty warriors that we are privileged to raise, and are on this great adventure that God has given us, which is living abundantly here on earth, starting a church, writing, and investing in people that He puts in our path.

My 4 boys took me out to eat on my birthday and I was blessed by many cards in the mail. My friend, Tanya, made me a cake and supplied the plates and candles, too. Meredith treated me to a manicure while we were in Mississippi and Ben got me an i-phone. Growing old is worth it!