i'm going straight to the heart - the bed of emotions. 

that which you are supposed to guard. 

that which the Scriptures call the "wellspring of life." 

for something has grabbed my heart and i can't sit still. 


i realize that you and i are all created for more. 

you and i are all gifted to help others, 

to make this world better and brighter. 

i'm using my gift of family to adopt a girl from india.

i'm using my years of parenting to pour into new moms.

i'm using my odd sense of direction to be folk's backseat driver.

i'm using my type 'a' personality to bake & freeze meals ahead of time for those in need. 



but i know something else.

i've heard of someone in need.

that's not all. i've seen her picture. 

her skin a different color from mine.

my story not at all like her story.



[11 year old lukaya]


"Please, will you come and pick me next week?" Eleven year old Lukaya spoke these words to me as we were leaving the market today. Hope is what I saw in her beautiful eyes. A second chance may be coming her way. Redemption is hers in the Lord. She is far away from her original tribe in the Northern part of Ghana. Someone came through their village and offered a better way of life in Accra, the capital city. Lukaya's story is like countless others. She sleeps on a bench every night. She has no parents. And selling food out of a bowl on her head is how she gets enough to survive. We have met a sea of beautiful faces this week. Those images are constantly running through my mind and heart in continual prayer. I don't understand how things get this bad. I hate the evil in the world, especially toward those who are the most vulnerable. But I do know this. The Lord sees them. He knows their name. He loves them more than we can imagine.  My hope is that the Lord will lead us to the girls He has picked out for us already. We cannot help every girl, but we can be faithful with the ones He does send our way. May they find hope, redemption, truth and life through their time in the Pearl House. Only by God's grace.  Thank you for your prayers. We are well and praising the Lord day by day.   Blessings, Courtney G


courtney g will be leaving tennessee to live in ghana to care for the girls that are rescued.

she moves in may. 

there is a rental home available she can live in and care for girls until the pearl house is built.


$6,000 pays rent for the year.

the year! to this san franciscan, that's a deal. 

to lukaya, that's heaven.


for $16.45 you can pay for a day.

365 of us together can pay the rent.

maybe you can pay for a week.

i have only one source of income as a stay-at-home mom and it's through a book i've written. and if you know most authors, we're not bringing in the big bucks.

but i am about to click this link below and pay for 30 days.

i'd never ask you to do what i wouldn't do. 

the least i ask is that you give up your wages 

to pay for a day's rent. 

i can't imagine what courtney g is giving up to live and care for these precious pearls.

together we can't imagine the life lukaya and others are living.


but now you've seen her picture.

she's real and on the streets.

she's waiting for courtney to come and get her.

we have an attorney in ghana ready with papers to put her in the pearl house care.

she just needs a place to go.

for this moment in time, God is allowing you and i to step up and care. 

to care for a day. ($16.45)

to care for her life.


click donate on the right side.

do so in honor of your mother who cared for you.

do so in honor of your daughter who you get to care for.


together, let's make this little part of the world better and brighter because we care. 


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