I haven't always been this way

I believe God set up life to pick up friends along the way. You too? So many of you, God has given to me in this San Francisco season and I’m so very glad you’re here. But I see you and you and you and know that our paths crossed in the town of six traffic lights, in the hills of Virginia, in college ministries in Louisiana and Alabama or in the oasis of Missouri. Perhaps you already know I haven’t always been this way…

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look up. look down. {a summer series}

i'd guess most days we are learning bucket loads from our peers and those in the same season of life as us.

but how would you evaluate how much you are learning from those ahead of you and behind you? we need to look up and look down. to watch and listen to those younger than us and to sit a while with those older than us. we've got much to learn and it's right in front of us. 

ask yourself: when you were little, and even now, are you more drawn to those older than you or younger than you? what do you see in your kids?

elijah is drawn to those older. sam is passionate about helping those younger than him. asher seems to observe both demographics. kavita balances this well as she is watching older role models closely, yet is naturally to young kids. mine has been the same since i was a little girl. 

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what is motherhood?

motherhood is the responsibility to love a child. motherhood is joining the ranks of women who are trying to do what you're trying to do. i say trying because each generation of moms takes what their mothers gave them and pairs it with their values and beliefs to shape their children. no generation has or ever will get this perfect, but every generation is giving their absolute best and it's working. it has worked and it keeps working.  

as a mother in 2018, how do i hold this vocation as both a privilege and responsibility? 

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how to make this school year a success

who doesn't just love the smell of new school supplies? i think i'll be buying them when i don't need to anymore. if only these binders, rulers, and combination locks guaranteed a successful year. however, i can tell you from our public school experiences that these 5 actions can lead to a successful year for your family and your school. 

1. cheer on the teachers.

2. everyone make friends.

3. literally walk around the school and pray.

4. be influencers.

5. meet the need. 

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