Raising Mission-Minded Kids

Raising mission-minded kids

You do so because it’s right. Raising others-minded kids is best for them and humanity. Training and coaching our kids to love and lead with kindness is what every parent hopes to accomplish. But it’s not a given or guarantee, not always the popular choice, and is the hardest endeavor we’ve ever set out on.

I’ve seen firsthand what it looks like and feels like to have a family pour into me, giving me boundaries that lead to great freedom, and being intentional to do this life together. And it’s the every day of every season that stack up to a moment like this…

…I’m thrilled to bring you a Focus on the Family interview as I talk about raising others-focused, mission-minded kids along with my son, Sam. After you listen, send it to a friend!

Listen here: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/episodes/broadcast/raising-mission-minded-kids/

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FocusOnTheFamilyUSA/videos

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Goodbyes are supposed to be hard

And we are in the throws of it. Not because we seek out friends who leave or because we ourselves are moving, but it’s the flow of life. We find ourselves saying a number of goodbyes this summer and it never gets easier. And goodbyes are exponentially harder when it affects your kids.

I bring you not a how-to on saying goodbyes or finding new friends or numbing the pain, but reflections from our family as we learn to let go and keep our hearts open for more.

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what i learned at leadership conference

we’ve been to london. but more than that, we’ve been changed.

Ben and I had the incredible, most humbling and exhilarating opportunity to see the Church alive. Believe me. I saw it with my own eyes. The Church is alive all across this planet!

God is using Debbie and her brother to invest in the lives of thousands of youth in India. Pekka from Finland is stepping into schools and seeing life change. A lawyer from Germany has started a church in a pub. Danny and Jackie remain faithful leaders at a church in Indiana. Issac and Valerie are forming a community of creatives in south Florida. Al reached out to a Michelin star restaurant in East London about partnering with his church to provide meals for the single mothers in their community and the chefs said yes! Claude was a drug dealer at a young age and found Jesus and is now studying to be a pastor. Jessica and David Oyelowo talk marriage and acting and Jesus being central to all they do.

And while conferences can be quite overwhelming with information, God did something so sweet and intimate with me and Ben. He repeated Himself to us. He used new friends and main stage speakers and His Spirit to repeat what He’s been speaking to us for the past few months. How kind is that? I didn’t fill my journal with a wealth of new information. Rather, I wrote phrases that I’ve written down recently and I let Him wow me with confirmation of what He wants to do in me, in His Church in San Francisco and in this season of life.

Here are a few takeaways. My London leadership learnings:

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