chapter 11 {pool time personality}


we first took kavita swimming at the hotel pool in ahmedabad. she held tight to ben in the water. but joy was all over her face. a whole new world for sure!


within minutes she was splashing in our arms and giggling out loud. it was the best!


all in one of our arms at a time, she would race us to the beach ball we brought with us.

and her giggles. we were experiencing a whole new side of her. all in the pool.


she was also at times telling us things in gujarati.

this was good because she only uses a few words per day at best. this quiet i know is normal. for she knows we can't communicate with her in her native language and yet she's hearing us talk to her in english. so a quiet world for now.


but being in the pool, she can fully express herself with giggles and gujarati! and this is good for us all.

she will chatter oohs and ahhs

and sometimes a full sentence in gujarati.


it's been good for our hearts to hear her like this.


in the pool her feet cannot touch the bottom so she's very comfortable in our arms.

she has goggles just like the boys and loves them.


she will tilt her head back in our arms and kick her feet. she's starting to put her face under water too.

we went swimming at the delhi hotel pool on the rooftop. we repeated the activities we did at the ahmedabad hotel.

but then she discovered the jacuzzi attached to the bigger pool.


a jacuzzi she can stand in!

[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]

delhi is a very populated city anyways and the area we are staying in, evenmoreso with a mall attached. it's overstimulating for us all. i'll share soon how we are making the most of it in the hotel room and our day out in delhi.