chapter 12 {another one of those miracles}

good news, yet uncertainty! but you know this to be the thread in this story.

there has been a glitch in the system with US Department of State that is keeping them from issuing visas.

while they are making exceptions to adoption cases, it's still a glitch.

today we went to the medical office for the lab tech to check kavita's tb test area on her arm.

it was negative and we received her medical packet from the doctor.

while this was going on, ben was on the phone with the US embassy here.

we managed to get a visa appointment at 2 pm today, monday.

and it was so nice to be at the embassy. so patriotic.

appointment went smooth, all while uttering prayers under our breath.

she asked what we want kavita's name to be upon arriving in the united states.

we said, "kavita hope pilgreen." {thanks kristen le peau, probably the same amazing gal!}

the officer assured us she was sending our documents over to washington dc and hopes they will work on it when they wake.

she said fingers crossed, we could get good news by 9 am tomorrow morning!

this means we would be able to keep the flights we already have booked for leaving delhi at 415 am wednesday morning, landing in san francisco around 1 pm wednesday afternoon.

this means we would have some time with elijah and sam before they head to kids camp next monday.

this means we would have less than 24 hour notice of whether we are going home that night or not!

this part would drive my father crazy!

if it doesn't come in by 9 am, they expect it the next day. still not bad either. it would just cost us hotel and flight change fees and little options for seats by each other.

so once again, let's watch how God is going to end our journey here in india!