chapter 4 {in route}


this was new for us. a camera on the tail of the plane that we could watch on our screen. genius. or maybe it's just the simple things!

we've just spent 24 hours in frankfurt, germany as a part of our extended layover.

great photo moments by our friend, praise...








paperwork issues travel with us. it's just part of the adoption journey. we are still awaiting our visa appointment as the department of state has a glitch in their system globally. an important and submitted document had to be resubmitted yesterday. so it took both of our tired brains to make sure it was done so correctly. praying for an appointment soon so we can readjust flights home.


then out again for more eating and walking. a local place close by with high yelp reviews!


schnitzel! lindsey lee, you'd be happy!



we told ourselves success would be to stay awake from landing at 10:45 am to 6 pm at night (which is 9:30 pm in india)

we made it! and were wide awake at 4 am!

and guess what? ben was able to get the giants game that just started in san francisco.

again, genius or just the simple things?!


we are set to arrive in delhi at 12:40 am wednesday morning {we are 12 1/2 hours ahead from SF}. we expect it to take a while to get through customs. then we leave at 6 am for ahmedabad. we will have all day wednesday in ahmedabad before we meet kavita on thursday. i'm so excited about seeing her city soon.