chapter 5 {amazing turn of events}

nothing like being caught off guard! we landed in ahmedabad 2 hours ago. we've been resting at the hotel and watching the warriors basketball game. my stomach has been churning thinking about being in the same city as our daughter.

while we were resting and my stomach doing its thing...

our in-country case worker called our room.

you're not going to believe this! well, yes you will!




they want us at the orphanage this afternoon!

the secretary is only in today and she needs to be there when we come.

so we will meet our case worker at 2 pm and head over there at 4 pm.

kavita will be in our room with us tonight!

so we ran down the hall and knocked on praise's door!

we're all in shock!

we need showers and something to eat and to gather the gifts we are taking to the orphanage.


but one thing is true...we will meet kavita in just a few hours!

it's clear Who's writing this story!