Christmas with Epic Church

Epic Church had its 3rd preview service this past Sunday.
We had 120 San Franciscans in attendance.
Istrouma Church in Baton Rouge, LA sent a team of great people to help hand out granola bars/invite cards a few days prior to the service, assist at a nearby elementary school, and help with set-up and tear down. Thanks Istrouma!
It's so good to see familiar faces at the previews from our launch team and those who have attended previous services.
The boys are always trying to figure out how they can help and we found a great one!

[sorting pens, envelopes, and programs afterwards]

The following night we gathered on the 19th floor of our apartment complex and celebrated Christmas! What a view! Great food! Continued conversation!

[Asher loved being above the trains and watching them below]

[Rock Band!]

[enjoying Kara's cupcakes - a delicacy in the city]

Great fellowship was had by all. We look forward to being together in 2011 as we resume launch team and 2 January preview services before we host our official launch on February 13.