Cubbies and Ball

I know we are beginning lots of "firsts" with Elijah that, of course, are firsts to us as parents. And for those who are in the midst of sports, awards, going here and picking up there, you are probably getting tired of it. But we're the parents that I knew we would be...packing up the lawn chair and snacks for the first t-ball game and waving from the crowd at our child who is on stage.
Elijah completed his first year of Cubbies at AWANA last night. He began in T-town and finished up here at Second. We are so thankful for the adults and college students who poured their time and energy into our son. We are thankful to such a creative God that allows us to memorize and hide His Word in our hearts. Praise God that His Word does not return void and that the Holy Spirit will use these verses in Elijah's life forever.
The first t-ball game was unforgetable. With only two innings and every child getting a turn to bat at each inning and a swarm of kids diving for the ball, what's not to remember!?!
It was just as much fun watching the dads getting tickled and frustrated at the same time as it was watching the players trying to find second base out in right field. This is gonna be a lot of fun!