Day 1: 2.0

So Elijah started at a new school today - Alvarado Elementary. My teacher friend, Sarah, calls it Day 1: 2.0. So true! It's the second version of Day 1!
Our family spent a few minutes on the front steps yesterday praying for the staff, his teacher, his classmates, and the school year. Once again, we wanted him to know that education is a family thing and that we want him to be the best he can be this year at this school.

Elijah has been so brave through the school process. For the past 18 months we have researched, but for the past week Elijah has been preparing for school and attending another school. He had to start over today. He's had a great attitude and knows that he paves the way for his brothers.

So Alvarado starts at 750! Yeah, that's AM! And we made it on time, which if you live in the city, that's impressive from coming from our neighborhood after getting three kids dressed, fed, and out the door, to the parking garage and through traffic to the front door of the school!
Elijah is sporting Aunt Katie's tee she sent: First Grade Rocks!

All kids assemble in the courtyard each morning before the school bell rings. On Mondays and Fridays, there's assembly time as announcements are made by the principal.

We walked with Elijah's classmates to his room where we said goodbye. His teacher, Ms. Raquel, gave instructions on hanging up backpacks and then for them to sit on the rug. They were going to work on learning their classmates' names.

Last night as I prayed with Elijah, he asked that we pray for 4 things:
that he would make friends
that he would remember his teacher's name
that he would remember all the classroom rules
and that GJ and Zach have a safe trip to San Francisco
(that will be a treat as his grandfather and uncle come for a quick visit. Elijah is excited that GJ can see his new school!)