Day 13: Toy Story 3

A year ago, we commented to the boys, "When Toy Story 3 comes out, we will be seeing it in San Francisco!" The day seemed so far away, yet here we are on the sidewalk outside our SF apartment about to walk to the theater in downtown to see TS3!

A year ago, we might have thought it odd for one of our sons to go in costume to a movie, but not anymore. It's very common to see people in costume in the city. Already this week we have seen Minnie Mouse and a devil. Why not Buzz Lightyear?

I know I was just as excited to see the third Toy Story movie. I have told the boys that it was in my high school and college years that the first two movies came out. I find it so fun to know that the classics continue into our children's generation.
And like I've written before, there were more adults at this matinee showing than kids. Yet Sam kept the environment kid-friendly with his vocal commentaries,"Hurry Woody!" "Oh, no!" "I can't look!" "I'm scared." "Way to go!"
Here's what the boys had to say about the much anticipated Toy Story 3:
"Woody. Buzz. To infinity and beyond!"
"I liked when Lotso turned Buzz from Play mode to Demo mode
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and made him mean. Buzz wasn't liked by his friends because he was bossy and had a mad face."

"And I also like the part when Lotso, the clown, and the baby found a home at Sunnyside because Lotso's owner found another Lotso."
"I liked when Andy gave up his toys at the end to the little girl before he went away to college."