Day 22: Unseasonable Baseball

[sung to original tune of Take Me Out to the Ballgame]

Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out to the park. (Balboa)
Bring me a sweater, scarf, and a coat.
I don't care how much we tote.
Cause it's root, root, root for the Bears.
If they don't win, it's okay. (they don't keep score)
For it's one, two, three cheers you get
At The Junior Giants ballgames.

Coach Ben is in his element here, speaking of the weather and the sport!

The rest of us, on the other hand...
[friends Kaila and Hannah]

The Junior Giants Bears. Here them roar! Or Brrrrrrrr!

Slugger Elijah warming up on deck. He gets out at first base and then later makes a base hit!
And might I add that it's 4:15 pm, though it looks like 8:15 pm. The western part of the city sits in fog more often that our neighborhood making it cooler and more damp.
It's an all new way of playing the all-American sport for us.

So regardless the temperature and the wind speed, play ball!