Day 3: South Park

Plans were to do the library today, but it was closed. So we hopped onto the scooter and stroller and ventured over a few blocks to South Park. I remember from being here January of 2009, that this was one of the few playgrounds in our area. I remember it being nestled between loft apartments, cozy restaurants, and small businesses. However, I don't remember the vast number of adults enjoying their lunch break on the playground!

I slowly pushed the stroller up and around the sidewalk feeling like me and the boys were intruding, for the 3 swings were accompanied by 3 guys with lunch sacks! Then, I relaxed and knew that we were a rare sight at noon on a weekday!
The boys didn't mind and raced to began a game of tag. We did get to enjoy the swings and I made a new friend...a stay-at-home mom with a 4 month old!

As we ventured back home, Elijah has become quite the good listener with street commands as he maneuvers his scooter. He is understanding road signs and doing his best to ride in a straight line so as not to take down someone on the sidewalk.
We made a discovery on the way home...Ubisoft headquarters which is a major educational software and video gaming publisher. But that's just it...SOMA (South of Market) is an area where the dotcom business came to life, and is still booming!