Day 5: Surprise Pancakes, New Friends, and a Discovery

What a day! Every day can't be full of more than one adventure...but this day sure was!
I surprised the boys this morning with Star Wars pancakes (I know, can it get any better than this?!) The boys had to understand that it would take a few tries before I successfully removed a complete one from the mold, but they were okay with Yoda only having one ear attached!

Then it was off to Emeryville to meet up with a college friend of mine from Liberty. We reconnected through a friend's blog and discovered that we now both live in the Bay Area. She has three boys as well. We met up at IKEA which has a playplace for the kids and a kid-friendly cafe. We had 10 years to quickly catch up on and talked about meeting up again this summer.

You can imagine the looks we got throughout the store as we mobbed around with 6 boys! The boys hit it off well and were excited to make new friends.

After we left IKEA, we googled directions to PIXAR Studios. We could peep through the walls and tell they are expanding and tried to get in, but because of security reasons, tours are not conducted. (Seems like we've heard that before!)
Well, it was fun to see where all the creative ideas originate and headquarters to some of our very favorite movies!