Day 9: the boys call it!

For the first time in the city (meaning without Ben) I looked up the bus schedule and planned our route to Chinatown. Asher absolutely loves public transit here! And I loved it when we got to our destination. Grant Avenue is the street home to Chinatown. It's the largest outside of Asia and the oldest Chinatown in North America.
Elijah quickly noticed that all streets that crossed Grant Avenue throughout Chinatown were written in Chinese characters. He felt pretty impressed that he could read them!
Sam loved all the stores for they all sold the same trinkets and souvenirs. He continually picked up the $4.99 samurai sword.

We all dined for $4.65
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at Floating Boat Sushi! 2 entrees and a huge side of rice. And don't think that this was anything's what you'd get at the mall food court! Nonetheless, it was in China as the boys call it!

We ventured into the Wok Shop and discovered that they sold a bag of freshly made fortune cookies: 12 for $1.25. Sam LOVES them! I think he ate 8 of them throughout the course of the day.

As we strolled along Grant Avenue, Hannah and I noticed lots of pretty Chinese blouses and scarves. We took a minute while the boys were looking at the infamous samurai swords to feel the beautiful scarves hanging on a rack. A persistent older Chinese woman begged us to come into her shop and see more scarves. We tried to convince her that we had three boys and a stroller, but she insisted. The boys made friends easily with the woman as she treated them like her grandchildren by being afraid they would hurt themselves if they weren't still and offered them a sucker if they sat down on the floor!
We all took turns introducing ourselves to Kit as she also asked us to spell our names so she made sure she was saying them correctly. Hannah and I bought some scarves and I made a promise that me and the boys would be back. She welcomed our company and I look forward to visiting with Kit ever so often.

A fabulous discovery as we were venturing back to catch the bus was St. Mary's Square. It has a great playground that is nicely fenced in to keep roaming toddlers contained. The equipment fit the boy's age group perfectly. Elijah made a friend named Eli from Sacramento and Sam mastered his coordination skills across the ropes. And Asher loved the train he could board all on his own!