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a dream
one that began on my heart as a young girl
to report like deborah norville
or write like anne shirley of green gables. 
over the years with my Father directing my steps and giving what gifts He has given me back to Him, 
i'm delighted to share this dream with you.
this chapter began winter 2009 as i met my friend and co-author, courtney belle bullard, at a writer's conference in nashville. as the only two girls on the writer's team, we developed a quick friendship that has resulted in sharing similar dreams and passions to speak truth into the lives of women and young girls. 
courtney lives in oklahoma with her husband, steve, and daughter, francesca. she also operates I.D. Ministries, an organization that helps teenage girls find their identity and purpose in Christ.
The Same Page: Living Your Happily Ever After
together, we have used our experience as moms, daughters, writers, speakers, and leaders to imaginatively create a story between a mother and daughter. The Same Page is a flip book with one side telling the story from a teenage daughter’s perspective and the other from a mother’s viewpoint. this book goes beyond a fictional tale and weaves journal questions for the reader. tate publishers has partnered to help make this tale a reality.

our vision

what is not speaking into the hearts and minds of teenage girls and moms today? no wonder it’s so hard to listen to God’s voice and His alone. there are so many voices out there trying to get our attention. courtney and i want to be another voice of truth speaking in the mind, heart of girls of all ages - yes, through a fanciful tale. it’s good to escape into a tale to discover truths about yourself in addition to hearing ‘current reality’ speak to you in forms of a friend, a pastor, family.

living your happily ever after
“I know I am living my happily ever after!” ysabel thinks to herself. courtney and i believe our ‘happily ever after’ begins when we accept the King’s gift of salvation. the most beautiful and redemptive stories are the ones when we embrace His truths and live them out in our heart, home, community, gifts, and the world. 

[me and courtney]                                [holding the final layout]

discover your part
here's where i need your help. in the publishing world today, it’s up to the reader and authors to advocate for the book and its message. i need you to join us in inviting moms and daughters, women and girls, around the globe to step into this fanciful tale and discover their part in ‘living their happily ever after!’ 
here's what you can do:

tomorrow, saturday, january 21
our website goes live

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help me get the word out about our website and
 book set to release in march. 
follow us on twitter at thesamepagebook.
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send out an email to friends and family about the website and book.

i want to thank you for how you will use your circle of influence to tell others about this book. courtney and i believe in the message and wait expectantly for how God will use it. 
believe with us. 

in the coming weeks, i will let you know when i have the books in hand. come back and order from the website. 

“We will come together when we see each other through the eyes of our King.”  - The Same Page