Energy Elijah!

There's nothing that can stand in his way. There's nothing that can stop him. When he awakes at 6 AM, he only stops for a 2 hour rest in the afternoon and then goes strong until 9 PM. It's all about trains, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, bats and balls, and Big Al, the University of Alabama mascot. The walls are closing in on him...spring weather better get here soon! Elijah is the definition of a two year old: he says the funniest things and is not afraid of anything, except Diesel the train. He's quick to remind us to pray for our meals and is only interested in Samuel if someone else approaches him, and then he says, "No, that's my brother!" He's very protective. At night when he says his prayers, he loves praying for Mimi, Pops, G.J. and the rest of his family. He loves looking at pictures and wants to know everyone's name. If we're out in public, he'll point to someone he doesn't know and say, "What's his name?" He loves college students and even has a pair of shoes (gray New Balance tennis shoes) that he says college students wear. He loves life and lives it to the fullest!