Epic Launch Week

Our Launch Team

Our Launch Team
This is our community.
We call one another friends.
Together we are ready to launch Epic Church this coming Sunday.
From the youngest to the oldest, from the singles to the families,
we will greet and serve all that come.
Ghana. Nigeria. China. South Africa. Florida. Canada. Colorado. Michigan. California. All walks of life. All on the Christian journey together.
Years from now, we will look back on this historic day and celebrate what God has done.
Through God's leading, Ben has spoken and lived out the vision. He has challenged us to invite others and grow in the gifts God has given us. He has encouraged us to invest in relationships God has put before us and beside us.

If you live in San Francisco, we invite you to join us at the W Hotel at 11 am for our Grand Opening this Sunday, 2.13. Come and give it a try. If nothing else, come and support our family as we start a new church in the city.

If you don't live in San Francisco, will you pray? Pray for the staff. Pray for the Launch Team as they serve. Pray for Epic Kids. Pray for people in the city to respond to invites. Pray that San Franciscans will find community and truth at Epic Church.

EPIC Super Bowl Party at the McCords.
Louie trying to understand the sport of football.
Delicious spread of foods.
And the high of 77 degrees!