everyday {3 things about it}

think about your everyday.


for the most part, you control what takes place in your day.


for the majority of us, we don't fear for our lives moment by moment of our day.


if you're american, most of life's necessities are at the fingertip and within reach.


as i walk the streets of a certain segment of kampala, uganda,

i smell, see, and touch an everyday that is quite different from my everyday.


manageable is balancing the days' food on the head.

manageable is strapping the hard-earned produce and delivering it for the day's wages.

manageable is hopefully providing one meal for the family.


safe is the end of night and the break of dawn.

safe is hearing the abusive father is not returning home because he is dead.

safe is the delicious carbonation from a soda bottle. it's not recycled or dirty. it's a treasured treat.

safe is the fence around the school.

safe is the metal detectors at the church.

safe is the look the kids get from people they know and trust.

safe is food on a plate. not on the ground or in the sewage.


convenient is walking a mile to school.

convenient is two meals a day at school. for those with the privilege of going.

convenient is hanging clothes to dry on the front porch.


convenient is hauling water from a well or having the money to have yellow jugs of water delivered.

convenient is soap and buckets and time to do laundry.

convenient brings a smile to her face.



in my everyday. in your everyday.

we have manageable, safe, and convenient. 

and we could leave it at that and ignore the millions of other lives who have quite different everydays.


or we can learn to walk where they walk. to at least open ourselves up to their everydays.

to make their days more manageable.

to bring safety to their everyday.

to make convenient, food, medical attention, education and dignity for someone.

 to release them from poverty in Jesus' Name.

in your everyday activity, sponsor a child today.

your everyday.

their everyday.

will be all the better.

for now and eternity.

click on the compassion box to the right and choose a child who needs you.

 and if you do sponsor a child today, i'd love to know their name, their age,
 and where they live.
if you come to this blog often and sponsor a child, i'd love you to share 
this info as well.

our sponsored child is saddam. he lives in uganda. he's ten!
 he wants to be a police officer or pastor when he grows up!