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celebrating women doing their God-given thing

{for the month of may, i’m highlighting a few women who are gaining confidence in who God has created them to be and displaying it so through different means. for some, it was born out of cause. for others, it was there since birth. and some, it’s the season of life they are in. and they are sharing their stories here this month! join me in celebrating them and that’s not all…they want to celebrate you! a giveaway on each blogpost through the month of may! make sure you leave a comment the day or the day following the post, for that’s what enters you in the drawing. winners will be announced on the following post} {congrats to Lindsey Lee- winner from the previous post}

welcome micha boyett, a mom-friend in my city, as we celebrate women in may...



I’m Micha Boyett, a Texan (born and raised) who ended up studying poetry in the hard-edged East coast, met my superman-jawed husband, went into youth ministry, and—a few years later—found myself living the life of an urban San Franciscan mom in my thirties. I’m a writer in a never-ending pursuit of saying it true.

What I love most about life is its complexity. I love that following Jesus teaches us to hold both the beauty and the brokenness of this world in the same hand. I love that, despite my doubt, God continues to redeem the fractured places in me and in the lives of the people around me. I love that motherhood teaches me to recognize the power of the present moment and the invitation to live from a place of gratitude instead of fear. I love that the sun rises and sets every morning. I love drinking tea with my husband before bed and coffee with him in the morning. I love how different my kids are from one another and how fiercely I love them as they are. I love pretty, delicious food that I didn’t cook myself. I love words and rest and songs and friendship. Also,

Who is Jesus to me? My first (remembered) encounter with Jesus happened when I was four, alone in the backyard of my babysitter’s house. I had a very long conversation with Jesus in which I tried to convince him of how much I loved him. (I’ve always struggled with trying to earn his love.) I told Jesus all the reasons I was awesome and then I felt him press in. I felt assured of God’s sweet nearness.

I am not a pro at faith. I am a doubter and a striver. I am not good at trusting God. I am anxious and frantic far too often. But that moment of Jesus pressing in, warming the air around me while I sat on the swing in my babysitter’s backyard? That was the beginning of a very long, ongoing story of my attempts at impressing God. And God—the mysterious beautiful Trinity—coming close to remind me, through Jesus, that I am loved. That the Holy Spirit is here already, despite and within my striving.

I wrote a book about my move to San Francisco and my struggle to discover God’s presence in the midst of motherhood, anxiety, and prayerlessness. It’s a memoir about grace in the middle of ordinary life. It’s called Found: A Story of Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer.

I blog at at, tweet at @michaboyett, and instagram at @found_book. Also (of course) I’m on Facebook, and I’d love to connect.

what are you discovering about faith and prayer in the midst of motherhood? 
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