Girl's Trip to Key West and Miami

Emily, Lindsey, and I enjoyed a 3 night stay in Key West and Miami and LOVED it! Yes, Erin was invited, but had to work and will enjoy a much longer vacation at the beach in August.
We did everything we wouldn't do with the kids and our sweet husbands: we slept in until 8 am (woo-hoo!), we relaxed by the pool, we swam among tropical fish, we witnessed the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico, we split meals to save room for dessert, we carried on three conversations at once and understood all of it, we laughed hard, we were indecisive, and we read until we fell asleep at night!
I am tremendously blessed with some great sisters; two whom are blood and three whom I gained later in life. All 5 are gifts. Though we live in different states and our daily lives look different, we have so much to share with each other and I am better for it.

On our way home and during a layover in Atlanta, we were looking on the screens at to where other people were flying. We read, "New York, New York," and agreed...

That's our next girl's trip, for sure!