God Of This City

Leaving Tuscaloosa, this Chris Tomlin song was very alive in our hearts. Within our family and our ministry, we have seen God do undescribable and amazing things in our time in Tuscaloosa. Though tears fell from my eyes as we crossed over the Black Warrior River, past the University of Alabama road signs, and seeing the city we had come to love in our rear view mirrors, we are certain that God is not done. He wants to be glorified in Tuscaloosa and our new city, Springfield.
Thank you for your prayers as we traveled. We felt them as we drove through tornado warnings, yet safely made it to our hotel stop and then to our new home. Friends and family, thank you for the precious cards and gifts. They have a special place in our home that we will pull out from time to time...what great memories!
So many people have a part of our hearts in Tuscaloosa, but, oh, my goodness, if you have a special place in our boy's hearts, you have a big part of our hearts, too. And just know, they are still jammin' out to 'Sisco, recognize me' and 'Oh, Happy Day.'
Well, what do you think of our new home? We are blown away by God's blessing. Asher is relaxing in his room while Elijah enjoys a jetted bath in the big tub! Sam, with the rest of us, takes in the view of Hammonds Field, home of the Springfield Cardinals, minor league team of the St. Louis Cardinals. We our out of boxes and 2105East Robin is beginning to feel like home.