It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Considering we barely decorated last year because Asher came December 19th, our house is very festive in 2008. We've got our favorites out: nativity, fake tree covered in ornaments that hold special memories (including many handmade ones), fresh greenery to give that real tree smell, candles, and presents that draw constant attention.

To add to this year's excitement, God has ordered a few days of snow showers beginning Monday! That will be a first for us southerners.

And to top it off, Asher turns one this week and Ben and I celebrate our 8th anniversary. Stay tuned this week for more pictures!

The boys unpacked their Polar Express boxes that are filled with their homemade ornaments, Christmas books, and Christmas DVDs that they haven't seen in 11 months!

The nativity was a wedding gift. The beauty of it now is that it is sturdy plastic able to withstand the handling from our boys! Each year their retelling of the birth of Jesus includes more details in their own language. A precious memory!

I stopped by the nativity one morning to discover that Sam had all the people facedown. I asked Sam if they were bowing down to baby Jesus. He quickly replied, "Nope. They're napping!"

Making cookies with our Snack King Sam!

We find ourselves inside more these cold days. (Something we are getting used to) Outside baseball practice quickly becomes indoor wrestling matches!