It's Personal for us and for you!

I love that you love following our journey to San Francisco and now following our family adventures here in the city. Because we have so many of our own adventures, I usually keep our blog posts about the 5 of us Pilgreens. Now Ben has a blog at and of course, you can check out, our church website. But, if you will allow me to merge them for this post, I think you will see how it's still personal.

As you may know, we moved here in late May and are just 10 weeks away from our first preview service on 10.10.10! Epic Church will be meeting at the W Hotel less than one mile from our apartment and on the edge of the Financial District and SoMA (a neighborhood name short for South of Market).

We are grateful for individual support and 15 church partners around the country that are giving financially, sending teams, and praying without ceasing for Epic Church to reach and love this city!

As we near our first preview service, we have a fun part that you can play as our children's ministry, Epic Kids, gets underway:

We are having a baby shower! Yep. A baby shower for Epic Church Children's Ministry. We have registered at for items we need to have a successful, excellent, clean, and caring place for our kids.

Here are the details:

When is the big day?

August 27, 2010

We will celebrate with cake and punch!

How do I get registry information?

Click or copy and paste the following link to view

the registry:

Print out the registry at your local Target store.

Search Lindsey Lee as the mother

and California for the state.

Where can I send gifts?

If you shop online, items will be shipped directly to

us. If you purchase something from your local Target, you can personally send items to the following address:

Lindsey Lee 180 Brannan Street #414 San Francisco, CA 94107

I encourage you to get a group involved! Go in with your neighbors or small group. Gather the co-workers around and pick something out on the registry. Youth ministry. Children's ministry. MOPS ministry. A group of friends. Advertise on church website or put an insert in your worship bulletin. Log on with the kids and let them make a difference for the kids in SF.

I would LOVE for you to respond when you get a chance as to how you and a group will help Epic Kids.
If you know of a group of people that aren't tech-savvy and would prefer to help us out with school supplies for Epic KIDS (glue, scissors, paper, wipes, crayons, etc.) let me know that as well. We have a list of items that are not on the registry but are very cheap at stores right now. Those items would be purchased and then shipped from the group or individual. Consider having a collection box available in your ministry or church where people can give these items.

Epic KIDS needs your help. We are meeting families and having playdates and are asking God to send children to our children's ministry to hear about the amazing love of Jesus.

So, here's how it's personal. You've been following our three boys. Yes, I take them on adventures in the city, but they are counting down the days til Epic Kids gets underway! This is where Sam will sing songs and color sheets and hear weekly how much he is loved by our church family and by God. Asher will feel safe and welcomed in his room as he builds with blocks on a clean and colorful rug. Elijah will feel like a big kid watching the lesson on a TV/DVD before he goes to a small group where he learns how to apply it to his life. And this is just our three! We want more kids and their families to experience Epic Kids!

This is an investment. This is a gift. This provides Epic Church with the resources to help make Epic Kids a success. So thanks ahead of time for what you give!