Lessons from Vacation

I wanted to share with you, many who are moms and wives, some nuggets of truth that I learned while on vacation. Many were shared during our sessions on marriage and family:

1. When Ben comes home and I ask, "How was your day?" I'm really just wanting to come alongside him and be on the same page. I'm not wanting him to relive his day. It simply helps if I know how he is doing emotionally and spiritually so that we can walk hand in hand for the rest of the day.
2. When talking with our kids, we must be the same voice coming from different mouths. Tell the kids, "This is what the Pilgreens do" or "Mom and dad say this." This way they can't use us against the other.
3. I'm the processor-out-louder. I think out loud from beginning to end. Ben processes in his mind and then shares the final outcome. He is learning patience as he must listen to my entire process to simply arrive at the solution. I'm learning that I am not a failure for having to do it all verbally.
4. Husbands are not our enemy...We fight a battle we cannot see against Satan. Ephesians 6:12
5. Don't wait for your husband to act. Do what God expects of you.
6. Our culture is doing everything to pull our marriage apart. We must be on our knees daily to keep our marriage together.
7. As wives, we can be bubble poppers. We need to be cheerleaders. Let your man dream!
8. I stiffle Ben's growth and leadership when I don't let him lead or take initiative.
9. Sometimes men feel more needed at work because they receive more praise there. May he receive more at home!
10. Our daily task seems to keep our home sane and under control. But there is a bigger perspective. It's not about raising our kids to make us look good or surviving the day or making them happy. Parenting is a gift. Treat it as such.

To top it off, Anthony Evans, made a surprise visit at camp on Friday. He is the son of Tony Evans, pastor in Dallas, and sister to Priscilla Shirer, author and Bible study teacher. He grew up attending and working Pine Cove and wrote an amazing song about our first impressions that we make on our children.
Below are the lyrics. May they bless your heart as they did ours.

When I held you in my arms, I knew that heaven must have sent the greatest gift I've ever known, nothing compares to this. When I held you in my arms and touched your tiny face, I got down on my knees and with all my heart I prayed:

Let my first impression be, Lord, that you are alive and living in me. And in all that I say and all that I do, God, let my life be a reflection of you.

You are growing up before me and I'm proud of what I see. By His mercy you're becoming all He's made you to be. With every step you take, you're moving further from my side, and as your life unfolds, I pray you live a life that cries:

Let my first impression be, Lord, that you are alive and living in me. And in all that I say and all that I do, God, let my life be a reflection of you.

Someday you'll have your own kids, little reflections of you, and I pray that you'll pray this prayer too!