Let's Talk about a few things...

First, the fog. It pours over the mountains like stew overflowing from its pot. It makes no noise, but sure gives us plenty to ooh and aah over. It can make an entire morning dreary and keep it that way on the west side of the city. It can disappear in our neighborhood, giving the sun its joy and shine back. Fog. It can determine what we wear. It certainly determines what is visible or invisible. We found ourselves on a walk the other night and stopped and stared at Twin Peaks tower and watched the fog pour in. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie watching an invasion of our city. It came and conquered, but was gone by mid-morning the next day! (or at least in our neighborhood)

Look very closely. Look again. See that blue wiffle ball in the bay? Find the center of the picture and go left just a little. There's a story to this and I often find myself bragging on my husband and kids, but I wanted a little bit of the glory as the only female in this family. (especially in the area of sports!)
It's very common for us to leave the house with a bat and ball on an evening walk. This particular evening we went to the playground and then over to the Junior Giants field just east of AT&T Park. All the kids had a turn batting and then me and Ben took a hit. Ben and his spontaneous, adventurous self wanted to see who could hit the ball into the bay. (Wait a second, I said I was gonna brag on myself...) So, we went through the batting order again. He was kind enough to let us all go first, thinking he would bat last and be the one to put it in the bay. HOWEVER, it was my turn to bat and with a strong swing of the bat, I put the ball into the bay! Ben quickly ran to the edge to see if maybe it landed among the rocks and could be retrieved, but no, it was bobbing up and down in the water! The boys couldn't believe that mom did that...and I think Ben was the most surprised of all!

It's the Sand Monster! Sam, Elijah and I created this creature on the beach at Half Moon Bay just 30 miles south of the city. Only its head comes out of the sand to peek around and see what kids are digging in the sand. We determined that at night they all come out and party. Why else is the sand smooth again the next day? The Sand Monsters must clean up all the footprints left behind!

Asher, on the other hand, thinks he will be attacked by the Sand Monster if he dares step foot on the tiny grains! That's why he hung out on the towel for the afternoon. He can't stand the feeling between his toes.

The city gives us much. A place to live. A place to interact and meet others. A place to play sports. A place to start a church. A place to work. A place to explore. A place to learn.

But there's just an indescribable feeling that enters one's soul when the sound of crashing waves rolls through the ears and the tiny grains of sand squish between the toes and the air blows freshness and a selfish coastal scent that never leaves the waters.
Shauna Pilgreen