monday {day} dates

we're making deposits.

for now, we have mondays together.

just the two of us.

and we're making the most of it.


we've been going on monday {day} dates for the past year and a half as our three boys are in school

and as we wait for our daughter to join our family.


these deposits add up.

they are what we've been given for right now.

we don't know how much longer we will have mondays, just the two of us.

so, we're making deposits.

what we put into our mondays together, we can withdraw when the season changes.

but for now, we're stocking up and the return on our investment is going to be grand!

today: point reyes lighthouse.


this meant when we dropped the boys off at school at 7:30,

we would drive a curvy 2 hours to the jagged edge of the pacific.


"doesn't get better than this," read the weather sign.

utterly quiet.

it was as if the sound machine playing oceans was on.

oh wait. it's the other way around.

gray whales spotted between two fishing boats.

it doesn't get better than this.



the number of steps down to the lighthouse.

interestingly enough, the same amount climbing up. they just felt more like 616.


the keeper of the lighthouse had to be very lonely and under-appreciated.


some went mad and crazy living such isolated, rigorous lives.


as glorious as the view was today, i was thankful to be with my favorite person on planet earth.

with whom did the lighthouse keeper share his days?

who did he tell when he spotted the gray whales on their way from alaska to mexico in january?

he toiled for the crew aboard the ships that he probably rarely met.


life is meant to be shared.

life gives us moments to make deposits.

to stock up on a good thing when we've got it.



every step together adds to our legacy we give our children.

every step together breathes life into our relationship benefiting our other relationships.

deposits made reap benefits.

each one matters.


and monday {day} dates only count if a sweet or pastry is involved.

bovine bakery, a meandering off the curvy road back home.

what will we do next monday?

it's ben's turn to plan.

but more deposits for sure.