More Alaska pictures

The top picture is of Elijah and Brenda Crim. She used to be the BCM director at University of Louisiana, Layfette. She is now the BCM director at two colleges in Anchorage.
The next picture is of Elijah standing on the bay in Seward, AK. We saw a bald eagle high in a tree on our walk through a park there.
When we return in May with our college students, we will be working with Moose Pass Community Church. The town has about 250 residents, one teacher school house, a deli, lodge, and surrounded by beautiful mountains. It does have a town hall that has a kitchen and a library. We made new friendships with the believers in Moose Pass and cannot wait to see them again. Elijah loved playing with their children too. It was a great trip. Thank you for your prayers. We returned safely home and embraced Samuel. Thanks, Mimi and Pops for watching him. Mimi and Samuel will come back with us in May.