I'm asked quite often if we're trying for a girl or if I wished I had a girl. I get the impression that some people think that I've been given a tough load to carry or that I'm being punished to raise 3 boys. I certainly understand the girl thing. I'm one of three girls. Pigtails, baby dolls, sweet sounds, playing quietly, and cute clothes were a part of it. Girls have their tough side too...drama, grudges, and attitudes!
I can't imagine life any other way! Someone came to visit me just after we brought Elijah home from the hospital. She had two young boys and shared with me her thought of raising boys: maybe God was growing His army of boys by giving families the privilege of raising warriors for His Kingdom and His glory and His renown. I think of that idea often. I am privileged. I have a big responsibility of raising three precious warriors who will prayerfully fight for truth and speak for life and share the Gospel and will love a woman one day like Christ loves the church.
So how did taking pictures of my boys at a nearby amusement park spur these deep thoughts on? I'm not quite sure. I'm just certain that I love what God has called me to do: to train them in the way of truth, to love them and others with the love of my Savior, and to exemplify a godly marriage. I want them to know that I daily meet with Jesus and that it shows throughout the day - in my speech and in my actions to them. I so love my boys! I hold to them loosely for I give them to Jesus for Him to use them as He desires. I'm simply thankful for the part that I get to play in their lives here on earth.