next hearing {an adoption update}


if you're still here with us, i'm so grateful.

like give-you-a-hug-grateful.

we are still here and contrary to what circumstances should be doing to us,

we are experiencing peace,

secure in His steadfast love,

and persistent in believing God will complete this story.

Psalm 25.15 says, "my eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare."

when we learned on monday that we weren't scheduled to have that hearing on tuesday, we grew sad. for we were hopeful. while i can't put my faith in those who have our case in their physical hands, i certainly was hoping that God was going to reveal to us that we were being heard this week.

 i know you were too. we have learned that the other A*7 families didn't have their cases that were to be on monday and tuesday. all with the same judge. we have a person of peace that has given some insight into the court situation. while we don't necessarily like the information given, we believe this:

we believe H.I.B. to be a good judge.

we believe the lawyers involved will present our cases well at the next hearings.

the A*7 families now have hearings within 7 days of each other again. ours being in the middle of the other 3 families.

our next hearing being what it has been...march 26.

circumstances have been explained as to why our case probably wasn't heard this week. i don't like it, but i am beyond grateful that our case continues to follow protocol and move forward, despite the longevity of the trial.

there are three amazing mommas who breathe and think india every waking hour and subconsciously envision victories and battles in their sleep just like me.

we are the war-torn.

you are the soldiers doing battle with us.

our children are the ones we are fighting for. 

and yet my faith is stronger than ever in the God who fights for us.

i will continue to believe that God is protecting k and will always do a far better job than i will.

i will continue to praise God for what i see and can't see for that is what hope is on earth in every situation.

i will continue to put my eyes back on Him when they want to venture to the frustrating timeline, the agonizing wait, the longing in my heart for her to be home with us.

here's what we're praying for between now and march 26:

complete healing for k

{attachment disorders, language, connecting to the boys and bonding with us, learning a new culture and language, believing she has value and worth, growing to discover who she is and that her past was not hidden from God}

ben to be in india to receive his daughter

{his visa expires april 7. i know. God's way is higher than our thoughts is a promise i'm clinging to on this one! we've got a plan b that's not a guarantee, but we need it to be! supernaturally.}

miraculous breakthrough and protection in court

{we know that though it's inching along, nothing is being held against us and it's moving forward and not backwards or being stuck. we also know that march 26 might not be the last hearing. there is no rhyme or reason and we're done comparing timelines. it's clear that God is doing something different and we want you to be there with us to see Him write the ending. but this is where we are for court. continue to intercede with us for the lawyer, judge and court officials.}

between now and our next hearing, i'm going to be sharing some unbelievable
 #onlyGod stories that have come from this story that God is writing...
affecting me, affecting you, affecting more than we know. 
if God has done something, 
if He has revealed Himself to you through this story, 
I'd love to hear it and consider sharing it here. 
if you would click on the word connect at the top of your screen 
and select story to share, i'll get it personally. it would mean 
so much to me and i'll add it to a collection i'm gathering for k.