On the Bookshelf...

...or in the Amazon Cart!
I've got a stack by my bed.
Ben's got a stack on his side.
The boys keep a stack in the living room from the library.
Elijah's got a few chapter ones by his bed.
The week's favorites are in a treasure chest by Sam and Asher's room.
We love to read.
I've listed a few books that I'm reading or plan to read in the coming months.
The fun part is that one of the authors below is going to write a guest post on Friday.
You might be able to figure it out as I couldn't very well get in touch with C.S. or Paul!

My favorite author. Surprised by Joy shares of his encounter with God.

I have the privilege of writing curriculum based on the book of Ephesians for CentriFuge camps 2012. So, I've been reading this letter a few times! Plus, I love Scripture memory and am going to work really hard at memorizing the book this year.

My best friend and I stay connected by reading a book together and talking about it (though 3 time zones apart). We are wanting to learn all we can about parenting in this season and Stormie always leads us to our knees!

I'm a sucker for organization.

My Aunt Debbie is a literacy teacher and brilliant when it comes to learning and education. She gave me this book over the holidays as we discussed how our boys learn.

I'm a Kimmel fan and am challenged with each book of his. This is his new one.

This book comes recommended from a church planter. I have a feeling the words in this book are what I want my life to be about. At least it's true of the title.

I read Ann's blog www.aholyexperience.com and am encouraged in my Christian journey. I am glad she has written a book that is doing very well!

The Chronicles of Narnia series: The Silver Chair. I read this to the boys. It's fun for us to imagine together as we curl up on these cold, wet San Francisco days.

A book on my nightstand. It's written devotional style in that each page is a nugget of truth paired with Scripture that ties in with your children's life stages. It's one I could read a page of every night before closing my eyes.

What's on your bookshelf or in your Amazon cart?
Don't forget that Friday one of these authors will write to us!