On the Go

He's all smiles! Samuel will be 3 months old this Saturday. There are moments when time has seemed to creep by and other times I look at him and think how fast time has gone by since he has entered the world. Ben's brother, Lee, sent us some really fun stuff from his recent trip to the Big Apple. Elijah is sporting his gift: Yankees T-shirt and Yankee bat. Thanks Uncle Lee.
Ben is getting ready to help out with our church's DiscipleNow weekend, a conference in Chicago next week followed by a college retreat in northern Alabama. Shauna and the boys are taking a trip to Americus to spend time with Mimi and Pops. Elijah is looking forward to packing his suitcase tomorrow. He associates suitcases with trips and gets very excited. We'll get to see Katie and Matthew. We haven't seen them since they got married. We know that we stay on the go at Mimi and Pops and can't wait to spend time with them. This will be one of many trips taken to Americus over the course of the next few months with Ben doing other traveling.