Our first week!

Here's a quick look at our travels and first week in the city, plus a few stories:

Our friends, the Elliotts gifted the boys with travel bags. It kept them occupied and happy for the flights to Denver and into Oakland, CA. The sticker book was quite entertaining for Asher.
While we had a 2 hour layover in Denver, we quickly saw Beau who was in route from San Francisco to New Orleans. He had driven out with the guys and unpacked our boxes and was returning to New Orleans for the summer. God is into the details and intricate joys of life!
Elijah, Ben and I had the stomach virus the week before we arrive in SF. However, I arrived to our new city weak and dehydrated. It was Monday afternoon before I felt like eating anything substantial and even then it was half a sandwich!
Though I wasn't 100%,
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I wasn't gonna let my best friend, Meredith, leave the city without some great sightseeing. In a few short hours, we drove down Lombard Street, poked along the Golden Gate Bridge to capture an incredible view of the city and the three of them enjoyed a delicious steak dinner.

I will never be able to put into words and paint an accurate picture of all that Ben, Sam, Beau, and Dan accomplished in their few days before me and the boys arrived. Every piece of IKEA furniture was assembled. Every box unpacked. Every dish put away. Every wallflower plugged in. (cause you know I don't care how dirty the house is, as long as it smells good!)
But like every woman, I still had to do a few special touches! One being put a special rock into Elijah's rock collection jar. Since he was young enough to walk beside us as we would stroll our neighborhoods, he always would pick me up a rock. So we have continued the collection over the years. Our friend, Maddi, gave us a rock as a gift when we left Missouri. Ceremonially, we placed it in the jar.
While still getting settled in ourselves, the Lees and the Milners arrived Monday afternoon. We helped them move in. Even the kids carried their share and never complained. In fact, they felt very useful! We had everyone over for pizza that night so they could quickly return to make their apartments their home.
And like any move, especially out of the state, there's always the driver's license, smog test, vehicle registration, utilities, etc. to take care of. None of which you want to drag your kids along. So we've taken turns becoming residents and exploring with the kids and setting up home.
However, the DMV offices of San Francisco will receive their very own post! Oh the stories! Put to put your minds at ease...we both passed our tests, and that's not something we take lightly! Check back for this story and the launch to our
31 days in the city beginning Monday, June 7th!