i'm not this creative on my own
but sure love borrowing and implementing a good idea.
thanks to emily allen and kind folks who post pictures so i can do a google search for pancakes and pajamas.
it's their idea. i'm simply borrowing and implementing.
it's the start of a new year.
moms have cleaned up the christmas decor and have high hopes for what's ahead. it's been a season of travel, holidays, and parties. we've missed each other.
i am blessed with a home to host.
to host pancakes + pajamas.
moms and children came in pajamas.
to feast and fellowship over pancakes.
the griddle always warm and ready.
the syrup constant pouring.
who's not happy in their lounge attire?
especially when surrounded by fleece, flannel, and fur.
conversation drifted from formula to diaper rash
from discipline to school applications.
if only to bottle up the laughter and the comfort, the conversation and the encouragement that comes from time with ladies who want the best for their marriages, their children, our city, our hearts.
for this season our paths are similar. we make the choice to spur each other on in one another's company or live out the season alone. we need time together. we need pancakes + pajamas.
take this idea. it's yours to borrow and implement.
who do you know that needs pancakes + pajamas?
are you blessed with a home to host?