Pray for our college ministry

On Wednesday, July 19th, a blast, explosion, or bomb of some sort went off in our college ministry building. Not much remains with very few details as to how it happened and where we go from here. We do know that a college student was around the building at 3:30 that morning when the explosion happened. Be in prayer for that student as he is in critical condition at a Birmingham hospital. Ben and the church leadership are looking for places to meet in the meantime. We are hoping to be able to build bigger and better as our ministry continues to grow regardless what happens to a building. The night after the explosion, close to a hundred students come to worship, the most we have ever had during a summer worship service. We are trusting God for great things. We would covet your prayers for our ministry and for Ben as he has many decisions to make in the near future. Pray for our students as they return to a ministry, but not a building. If you want to see pictures, please visit