the words were on the screen at church.
our God is greater. our God is stronger.
images of our public school were on my heart.
tears streaming.
for i know not the future.
yet i put my confidence in Him

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who has already gone before us this school year.

the teachers.
the classmates that fill the room.
the assemblies.
the celebrations.
the field trips.
the play yard.
drop-off in the morning.
fun environments for learning.
minds to be challenged.
new friends.
standing up for what's right.
healthy children.
together we pray for what's seen and unseen.
though two physically go to school,
we are in this together.
sharp minds benefit us all.
highs and lows of
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the day affect the family.

what we teach in the home flows onto the school yard.
what is learned in the classroom flows into the home.
i spot a eucalyptus tree as we walk and pray
around the school.
i adore eucalyptus for its aroma as it blends naturally with the tree to its left and to its right.
though our children are among many in the school here in san francisco, may they be the sweet aroma to those next to them - offering something fresh, new, and different.
we return home to write notes.
to assemble gift bags for the teachers.
it's our family being intentional
to support those who teach our children.
to let them know we're their biggest fan.
to tell them we are praying.
we might have moved here to start a church.
but we are also here to love our city.
to love our neighborhood.
to love our school.
we know He has gone before us, so we excitedly and expectantly walk into these doors we call school.