it's simple really.
scrap paper or dry erase board.
supply box.
a prayer
and determination.

one family income. 
me, a stay-at-home mom.
this works for us.
i say that this works because our preschooler gets social interaction on a weekly basis with kids at small group and at Epic kids.
so during preschool time, it's just me and him.
45 minutes to one hour.

i set up five "stations" around the kitchen table.

important to know
hands on
a game and a book

this is a tear out sheet from a workbook that teaches and reviews numbers and counting

a few tear out sheets that guide him through writing the alphabet, recognizing letters, introducing sounds

important to know
scrap paper and dry erase board come in handy 
as he reviews his name.
with business card size paper, he learns our phone number and address by putting the numbers and letters in order.
knowing the cross street is important in the city.
we name the animals. 
[mimi fears city boys will forget the animals on the farm]
we sing songs that tell us of God's promises.

hands on
sort carrots into groups of 10 then bag them for 
older brother's school snacks.
create pictures with cut out shapes.
leaf tracing.
decorating pumpkins. (reviews parts of the face)
running through the house and stopping to point out shapes or things that start with certain letters.

a game and a book
memory game
spot it (baseball version)
go fish
cranium's puppy pal bingo

i check out books about the seasons.
about real life.
about imaginary adventures.
about his favorite characters or interests.
and about something new and different.

reading one of these books is a part of preschool.
we'll read more when brothers come home from school.

it's not always easy.
it can be quickly overlooked.
i can think of many other things to be doing. 
he'd be fine without it. 
but he'll be better for it. 
we, as a family, strive to overcome status quo.
we want the best for each other.

for us, an hour a day to sharpen his little mind...
using around-the-house resources
and creativity that is typically spur-of-the-moment,
it's at-home preschool.
it's simple really.
with a prayer and a determination.