Preschool Art Show

One the way to the art show tonight, we asked him what song he would be singing and he replied, "I tan't know." He also was saying, "hold me, daddy." We were certain that he would not sing or do the motions. To our surprise and the enjoyment of the crowd, not only did Sam sing, he nailed the motions! Sam is the only boy in a preschool class of 5. One sweet girl had already decided she was done within the first note of the song! Now there's only 4! We are so proud of our Sam! You're terrific!

Elijah's class (8 kids) were joined by two other classes as they closed the show out with several love songs. Notice Elijah's attire: he deliberately chose this outfit of khakis, tie, oxford, and sports coat. He really does enjoy dressing up. (mom and dad were in jeans!) Elijah gave it his all in every song! Great job, Elijah. You make us smile!